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    Breezy is the modern way to build a great team! Their approach to recruiting requires less effort and leads to better results. Build custom pipelines for any position you post, with screening, scheduling, and messaging automated for convenience. Job postings can be directly uploaded to popular search sites, and you can involve your team too! Your current employees stay in the loop with Breezy's discussion boards, real-time conversations, and push notifications.

    The features don't stop there. You can opt into reporting and analytics to track how your business can improve with overall hiring decisions. There's also candidate sourcing where you can find millions of professional profiles to choose from; people who fit the job as well as recruiter portals and employee referrals. And if you want to partner with Breezy as an affiliate, they've got that too! With four different plans, you can sign up for a free account that gives you the basics, or a full-scale hiring hub that optimizes all Breezy has to offer, making hiring... well, a breeze!

    • Automated messaging & scheduling
    • Advertise job postings
    • Recruiter portal
    • Source the right candidates
    • Analytics insights
    • Create career pages & portals
    • Compliance surveys & reporting
    • Video meetings & interview guides

    What does Breezy have to offer for the restauranteur?

    With an all-in-one platform, Breezy gives you a place to track, network, and hone in on the people you need. You can organize candidates with customizable pipelines, and keep your staff in the loop with the team collaboration option too!

    Breezy features and benefits

    Now you can hire and recruit with Breezy's easy software that includes managing and sourcing your candidates, advertise job postings, and collaborate with your existing team to make sure you pick the right person for the job.

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    Breezy frequently asked questions

    • Instead of collecting resumes, pipeline hiring is a proactive way of recruiting where you establish an initial relationship with potential new hires. With pipelining, you can create a list or pool of candidates who have the talent you're seeking or fit the requirements of your company brand.

    • Maybe you interviewed or met someone who you really liked but didn't fit the role, or you just don't have one for them at the moment. Track their contact information, skills, and your interactions with them for future reference on Breezy's customizable pipelines.

    • ATS or applicant tracking system is software used to track and optimize the recruitment process. Breezy has that and more to streamline your hiring and recruitment in one place, managing postings, candidates, and scheduling in minutes.

    • The average cost of recruitment software starts anywhere from $1000 to $30,000 on the higher end. Breezy gives you four options starting at a free account to maximize what you need to find the people for your company.

    • The convenience of Breezy's interactive scheduling system allows candidates to book themselves an in-person or online interview, plus you can sync your Google or Outlook calendars for peace of mind.

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    PERKSONA is perfect for restauranteurs

    Are you a restauranteur

    Your master chef is out there. With Breezy, find them with a modern approach to recruiting. Integrate job postings with popular job search boards, create a network of contacts for the future, and get feedback on how you hire, all on a customizable account.

    • Bakery/cakeshop owner
    • Caterer
    • Chocolatier
    • Coffee roaster
    • Diner restauranteur
    • Farmer's market vendor
    • Fast food franchise owner
    • Food court establishment owner
    • Food truck owner
    • Meal delivery service provider
    • Microbrewery pub owner
    • Organic food grocer
    • Personal chef
    • Smoothie & juice bar owner
    • Specialty food maker
    • ...and many more
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