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    Supercharge efficiency and build a better workforce

    Time Doctor lets you easily improve individual and overall performance while fostering freedom and flexibility.
    • Efficiency-boosting time tracking
    • Powerfully-detailed reports & time sheets
    • Productivity software for growing businesses

    Time is free - but it's also priceless. Time Doctor ensures that every minute spent in your business is being used efficiently and put to good use. Instantly improving employee focus and productivity, Time Doctor is an incredibly quick, affordable way to boost your bottom dollar.

    2020 changed the workforce in a lot of ways and a massive impact was the conversion to work-from-home. Time Doctor is the time-tracking software that helps your team be more productive, wherever they are.

    • Smart time tracking
    • Automated screenshots
    • Free client access
    • Daily & weekly reporting
    • Web & app access
    • Automatic payroll processing
    • Cross-platform availability
    • Project integration

    What does Time Doctor have to offer for the professional?

    You might think that Time Doctor is just for monitoring employees, but it also has another vital feature - time management. Time Doctor empowers you and your staff to manage your own time more effectively, enabling you to improve processes in your business so that it runs more efficiently, directly impacting your bottom line.

    Time Doctor features and benefits

    The greatest gift you can give someone is time. With Time Doctor, you give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. A major benefit is the ability to know not only which specific tasks your employees are working on, but also how much time is being spent on

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    Time Doctor frequently asked questions

    • You might not need to but you're going to want to. Time Doctor has proven itself to be a valuable asset to individual business owners and team leaders, allowing you the ability to boost team effectiveness and directly impact your revenue.

    • Absolutely yes. With Time Doctor's monitoring, you're eliminating distracting elements from your employees workflow and helping to remind yourself to stay on task. Tracking the time it takes to get tasks done lets you change your processes to increase productivity.

    • Lots of different factors are in play when it comes to increasing productivity. Time Doctor helps you address them all. Tracking time, detailed reports, easy integration and use... every feature is designed to boost your productivity!

    • This isn't about trust. It's about efficiency. Yes, 20% of Time Doctor's benefits are based on time monitoring - but 80% is about empowering your team to use their time more effectively!

    • A software you can install on your computer or your teams, Time Doctor is the definitive software for monitoring how your time is spent. With unique and distinctive features, Time Doctor is a step above the rest.

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