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    Use your social media accounts to bring new clients to YOU

    With an omni-routed platform presence, StoryChief puts your freelance business on everyone's radar.
    • Content marketing
    • Social media assets
    • Omnichannel publication

    Your next revenue-boosting marketing campaign is one click away

    Take charge of your blog and social media by turning those avenues into business- and traffic-driving assets. StoryChief is a content-marketing solution that allows you to easily create campaigns that are tailor-made for your marketing channels. With seamless team integration, it doesn't matter if it's just you or a small crew, you're all on the same page in pushing your business forward.

    StoryChief takes it to the next level with an SEO Copywriting Assistant and Newsroom homepage, giving you up-to-the-minute updates on how successfully your posts are performing. The in-app editor gives you content scores that firmly place your business success in your hands. You aren't just the boss. You're the chief.

    • Multi-channel marketing
    • Content collaboration
    • Organized content calendar
    • SEO copywriting assistant
    • Time-saving social media management
    • Actionable analytics and reports
    • Brand content hub
    • Employee advocacy

    What does StoryChief have to offer for the freelancer?

    Pitching is time-consuming and exhausting. Let StoryChief put your best foot forward in front of your entire audience at once!. Save time by planning recurring campaigns and save labor by using their simple one-click delivery to hit every platform.

    StoryChief features and benefits

    Eliminate wasted time and unnecessary labor. StoryChief is your all-in-one workspace for content creation and distribution. Easily advertise and promote across all of your channels with compelling messaging that's optimized for search engines.

    Try StoryChief for the freelancer

    Are you ready to take charge of your marketing and give it the massive boost it deserves? Try StoryChief free for 14 days, no credit card required!
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    StoryChief frequently asked questions

    • Over 50% of the world listens to podcasts, with similar numbers existing for blogs. A massive segment of your audience taps into these avenues for content. With StoryChief, you can advertise your podcast and blogging news in one simple click.

    • Marketing has existed since the dawn of business. Digital marketing platforms have gained attention with the advent of the internet and have only become more vital. StoryChief gives you the most comprehensive and intuitive marketing platform tool on the market!

    • Content strategy drives your business and objectives. It's the nut-and-bolts of your service and the main driver behind traffic and revenue. StoryChief gives you elite tools for content strategy and execution.

    • Content workflow is the breakdown of everything that needs to be done for clients or business tasks. StoryChief's easy-to-use workflow software lets you build an entire plan around every post, promotion, and marketing campaign.

    • It can! Long form article marketing is still effective if done correctly. Luckily for you, StoryChief is here to break down all the components of your articles and let you know what keywords, phrases, and formats are working best for your business.

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    PERKSONA is perfect for freelancers

    Are you a freelancer

    The right content strategy can make all the difference when it comes to reaching new audiences. Whether you're showing off transcribing skills or displaying your photography, StoryChief makes it a snap to turn it into a business driver! Give it a test-run for 14 days, absolutely free, and see the difference a great story can make.

    • Blogger
    • Copywriter
    • Customer service agent
    • Data entry clerk
    • Freelance graphic designer
    • Freelance photographer
    • Proofreader
    • SEO specialist
    • Social media manager
    • Transcriber
    • Translator
    • Videographer
    • Virtual assistant
    • Vlogger
    • Voice-over actor
    • ...and many more
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