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    • Automatic data collection
    • Team collaboration
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    Keep your B2B info streamlined and leave more time for customer relationships

    Don't waste precious minutes inputting client data. Salesflare is the CRM software that collects it for you. Their automated data collection stores names, phone numbers and email address so you don't have to search for them. Salesflare also logs meetings, sends follow-up reminders, to-do lists and organizes documents for each client so you can find everything easily.

    How does it work? Salesflare's automation collects information from emails, social profiles and email signatures so you don't have to. A tracking feature also alerts you when an email is opened, whether customers visited your site, and what pages they've clicked. It's a networking tool that does the work for you, saving you time and connecting your team with valuable sales leads and networks.

    • Email and website tracking
    • Lead generation
    • Sales automation
    • Automated file organization
    • 1000+ app integrations
    • 3 affordable plans
    • Android and iOS mobile app
    • Automated timelines

    What does Salesflare have to offer for the freelancer?

    Salesflare does the work so you can get more work done. This CRM compiles new leads from your favorite apps, creates files for document sorting and helps prioritize which leads need the most immediate attention. It's all in one place for a low monthly price!

    Salesflare features and benefits

    You'll learn what free time is again with Salesflare. Experience CRM software with loads of features and app integrations to organize your sales leads, contacts, calendars and tasks. It's all automated and keeps pertinent information together.

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    Salesflare frequently asked questions

    • While the cold call is still effective, businesses can generate leads with inbound marketing, including social media, landing pages, and content on your website containing SEO and keywords that mesh with your sales funnels. Salesflare bumps that up by automatically checking your social media feeds, landing pages, phone calls and emails for contact information and organizes it for you.

    • Determine your goal and your target audience-their industry, company size, job title and how they engage. Once you've done that, tools like Google Alerts and LinkedIn Navigator will help you filter your search, keep track of prospects and find similar leads. Salesflare sifts through your collected data to categorize them for easy access.

    • The easiest CRM includes features that save you time by combining several functions like data collecting, notifications, and organization, are affordable and offer good app integrations. Salesflare does this and more with their automated client management system, pipeline and task management, and tons of app integrations.

    • Reaching out to leads can be time-consuming, and automation can track and contact a prospective lead using SEO and lead magnets-a free, online offer that solves a problem in exchange for contact information. Salesflare's automation creates timelines from the first contact to follow-up, plus tracks their traffic on your website for valuable future insights.

    • Sales funnels narrow down general interest into paying customers. You have to attract many customers to generate that interest, so use online content like a website, blog, and social media feeds. You'll also see that handy lead magnet again, plus responsive landing pages or forms to collect their information. Once that's established, maintain contact through emails and offers to close the sale-be sure to follow up after to keep that connection going.

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    Are you a freelancer

    Be the freelancer with more free time and spend it nurturing and networking with new contacts. Salesflare tracks web activity, collects and organizes names, emails, calls and more with their intuitive automated features. It's a tool to seamlessly manage your business and make your networking and lead gathering skills shine!

    • Blogger
    • Copywriter
    • Customer service agent
    • Data entry clerk
    • Freelance graphic designer
    • Freelance photographer
    • Proofreader
    • SEO specialist
    • Social media manager
    • Transcriber
    • Translator
    • Videographer
    • Virtual assistant
    • Vlogger
    • Voice-over actor
    • ...and many more
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