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    Marketing as honest as your work

    Proof helps you earn a level of trust equal to the love you put into your work.It doesn't matter if you're blowing glass or carving wood, your attention to detail is immaculate. With Proof, you can share the same level of detail through your online shop. By giving your customers a transparent view into your item sales and market popularity, Proof easily allows you to establish and boost your trust factor.
    • Crystal clear conversion rates
    • Simple copy-and-paste setup
    • Lightning-fast load speed

    As a business owner, nothing is more important than earning your customers' trust. Proof is here to do just that.

    Through infusing effective social proof throughout your brand's website, adding Proof to your marketing funnel is proven to build customer trust while increasing website conversions up to 15%... in as little as 15 minutes.

    Providing your visitors with a crystal clear look at your website's impact, Proof shows your customers real-time analytics of your page views, recent sales, free trial opt-ins, and more through timely pop-ups. Converting up to 300% more visitors into leads, demos, and sales, Proof builds your credibility while boosting your revenue - it's a win/win.

    • Hot streaks tool
    • Live visitor count
    • Recent activity tracker
    • Easy set-up
    • Completely customizable
    • Comprehensive analytics
    • Zapier integration
    • Simple A/B testing

    What does Proof have to offer for the artisan?

    Providing you with easy-to-setup integration and comprehensive analytics, Proof makes it easy for you and your customer to see how great you're doing, allowing you to spend less time actively marketing and more time creating. Compelling customers by highlighting item scarcity and prompting customer opt-ins, Proof is an indispensable tool that drives revenue and builds your reputation.

    Proof features and benefits

    By placing timely and accurate social validations on your pages that matter most, your business will see an instant boost in conversion rates. Build your business the best way - honestly!

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    Proof frequently asked questions

    • Website conversion sounds complicated but it's simple. When your visitors turn into customers, that's conversion. It's one of the most integral components to growing your business base and revenue. Now, Proof makes it easy.

    • Cost per acquisition (CPA) is how much it costs you to acquire one paying customer. It's a vital measurement of marketing success... and Proof is here to turn you into a success story.

    • Personalization software is a tool that customizes your content based on your customers' characteristics and behaviors. Proof utilizes this data and showcases it to your visitors and you - building their trust and your conversions.

    • Do you need one? No. Do you want one? Absolutely. Security badges verify that your page is safe and secure. Proof offers this legitimacy across the board, boosting the confidence your visitors have in your brand.

    • Everything you need to help drive conversions and boost revenue is verified by Proof - your visitor count, their purchases, and the offers they opt into. Showcasing verified social proof of your business accomplishments, Proof shows the world why they can trust your business.

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    PERKSONA is perfect for artisans

    Are you a artisan

    Creative work is a pursuit of passion. You've dedicated countless hours to your craft, now give yourself a break. Do you weave beautiful handmade baskets? Make stunning flower arrangements? Screenprint influencer-worthy street wear? PERKSONA helps you share your creativity with the world and profit while you do it! PERKSONA makes it easy to showcase your talents and grow your business, whether you run an Etsy shop or a market booth - or both!

    • Artistic floral arranger
    • Candle maker
    • Craft weaver
    • Decorative engraver
    • Enameler
    • Fabric artist
    • Glass blower
    • Hand bookbinder
    • Hand jewelry artisan
    • Leather worker
    • Metal arts worker
    • Quilter
    • Screen printing artisan
    • Stained glass artist
    • Woodcarver
    • ...and many more
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