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    Keep the production line moving with Paymo

    Productivity never looked so good with Paymo's task and project management platform.
    • Time track per project
    • Monitor task management
    • Schedule teams

    Paymo is the task management scheduler that covers ALL your needs

    You can get all the tools needed for team project management. Paymo helps organize tasks, time tracking, invoices, expenses, projects and clients, and that's just with a free account! With over ten features to get your business organized, you can create a workflow that includes everyone on your team, plus financing-and it's all there on one platform.

    Streamline scheduling, assignments and billing instead of using several apps for your business needs. And you can sign up for a free account or upgrade to under $20/per user/per month to get features like onboarding, Gantt charts, unlimited time reports, online remote assistance for busy business owners, and 100 GB of storage.

    • Manage invoices & payments
    • Use integrated apps
    • Customize dashboards & workspaces
    • Mobile compatible
    • Available in many languages
    • 3 types of reports
    • Automated time tracking
    • Organize files

    What does Paymo have to offer for the manufacturer?

    Paymo gives you plenty of options to be the best. Integrate Slack, Google Calendar, Xero, and many other apps to make your business run seamlessly. There's also time tracking and customizable timesheets to provide you, your team and your clients with accurate billing and invoicing.

    Paymo features and benefits

    Manage your projects, tasks and team in one platform. And with invoicing, payments and estimates included, you won't need any other organizational tools to propel your business efficiently forward.

    Try Paymo for the manufacturer

    Sign up for a free account-no credit card needed-to try Paymo's free features to get your team on the right track!
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    Paymo frequently asked questions

    • With a team working on many projects, work management software is an essential tool to keep track of all tasks, projects and their deadlines, team members, and ensure you maximize time and team performance. Paymo is a task management tool that integrates invoicing and payment, so you'll be on top of every aspect of your projects.

    • Time tracking software should have features that help you keep track of spending. Top features include time tracking, time clocks, timesheets, reports and project management. Paymo offers all these features, plus you can export and share reports with team members or clients for updates on projects.

    • Ensuring your team members and staff are getting paid for their work is crucial. With a timesheet management system, you can track work hours, time spent on projects and more accurate payroll. Paymo has a customizable timesheet, and you can track time on different aspects of an ongoing project, get reports and pay your team.

    • Stay in stride with clients by keeping your relationships current and relevant. You and your clients can stay on the same page with projects through sales, marketing, and constant communication. Reports generated on Paymo's platform can do just that, giving clients a clear idea of how your team is managing their project.

    • Giving your client the attention they need to maintain your relationship with them is just common sense. Keeping in touch with them by sending reports, updates and meetings are a few ways of managing that relationship. Paymo can keep you on top of those things with their scheduling features. It's like pencilling-in consistent dates to keep your clients happy!

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    PERKSONA is perfect for manufacturers

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    Streamline your bottom line and sign up for Paymo. It's the place where time tracking, project management, team scheduling and collaboration come together to build an efficient workflow you can't deny. And the best part? You can start with a free account! You've got nothing to lose and productivity to gain!

    • Automotive parts manufacturer
    • Box manufacturer
    • Candy maker
    • Clothing producer
    • Drug manufacturer
    • Furniture maker
    • Leather manufacturer
    • Musical instrument maker
    • Paper maker
    • Plastic container manufacturer
    • Smartphone accessory maker
    • Sports equipment manufacturer
    • Tool manufacturer
    • Toy manufacturer
    • Woodworker
    • ...and many more
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