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    You have a clear vision for your business. Unbounce makes it easy for others to see it.

    Unbounce is an easy-to-use and intuitive creator tool that lets you publish your own landing page - without needing to know designer coding. It's the perfect platform for launching or showcasing a product or service! Utilizing a drag-and-drop builder with dozens of ready-to-use features built in, Unbounce makes it easy to create a stunning finished product that will lead to more conversions from your traffic.

    Your landing page shouldn't look like everyone else's. Offering a wide ranging selection of fonts, typography, imagery, layouts and more, Unbounce facilitates the creation of a customized landing page that personifies you and your business goals - setting you apart from the pack and helping you generate more leads with less stress.

    Unbounce is a valuable and essential asset in your marketing arsenal that was developed using industry-leading research and top-tier technology. Its built-in Conversion Intelligence is an AI-driven resource that helps you create relevant launch campaigns that result in lower ad costs - and an average conversion rate increase of over 30%!

    • Simple drag-and-drop for every element
    • Mobile-optimized design
    • Easy-to-read smart traffic reports
    • 100+ eye-catching templates
    • Real-time data dashboard
    • Pre-built optimized page sections
    • Built-in smart design assistant
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    What does Unbounce have to offer for the manufacturer?

    Unbounce is here to assist in building a landing page that will turn your visitors into customers. Whether you're manufacturing smart tech accessories or candy, Unbounce's smart tech makes it easy to capture more leads and make more sales.

    Unbounce features and benefits

    As a small business leader, Unbounce lets you construct an impressive landing page without the lofty cost of a web designer. It gives you everything you need to create and build a customized landing page in your voice.

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    Unbounce frequently asked questions

    • Unbounce is here to help you design a sleek, focused landing page that will allow you to easily convert traffic into business.

    • You are invited to try one of the tiers that Unbounce provides in a 14-day free trial. After that, a conversion-based pricing is available for all four plans at a monthly or annual rate.

    • Starting at $80 a month, Unbounce has monthly plans for all four tiers with discounted annual rates offered. Use their custom tool to find the plan that works best for you!

    • Used across various industries and skill levels, the Unbounce landing page is a high-converting, campaign-specific page that allows you to increase revenue without designer fees or spending on ads.

    • By signing up with Unbounce, you'll have access to dozens of tools and features that allow for an intuitive and beneficial landing page creation. Follow their easy 10-step guide to launch your marketing campaign - no coding skills required!

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    PERKSONA is perfect for manufacturers

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    Types of small business owners who fit this persona:

    • Automotive parts manufacturer
    • Box manufacturer
    • Candy maker
    • Clothing producer
    • Drug manufacturer
    • Furniture maker
    • Leather manufacturer
    • Musical instrument maker
    • Paper maker
    • Plastic container manufacturer
    • Smartphone accessory maker
    • Sports equipment manufacturer
    • Tool manufacturer
    • Toy manufacturer
    • Woodworker
    • ...and many more
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