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    Comprehensive customer support designed for lean businesses

    Using Freshdesk doesn't just boost customer satisfaction - it keeps modern business owners happy, too.
    • State-of-the-art ticketing technology
    • Next level self-service support
    • Speedy response times

    Freshdesk delivers the best customer care available - anytime, anywhere.

    Freshdesk takes every aspect of customer service into consideration and provides 360� care at every level. Your team and your customers have every tool at their disposal for a swift, effective reply, making Freshdesk the most comprehensive service for the small business owner. Effectively grow their business with customer care at heart.

    Freshdesks Freddy AI system puts an adaptive and intuitive resource in the hands of your team members and customer base. Whether it's the self-servicing answer bots, the ever-learning automations, or the teamwork-based ticketing system, Freshdesk provides valuable assets to every member of your business. Customer issues are never fun, but with Freshdesk, they'll always be handled quickly and with care.

    • Omnichannel support
    • Simplified AI-fueled ticketing
    • Collaborative issue resolving
    • End-to-end field service work desk
    • Automated helpdesk tasks
    • Chatbot self-service
    • Analytical helpdesk performance
    • Completely customizable

    What does Freshdesk have to offer for the modern business owner?

    Freshdesk gives you an entire toolbox full of customer service solutions. Intelligent-ticket assignment, time-triggered automations, group huddles, and multi-channel support are just some of the integrated features that allow your customer support team to operate at a faster, more productive rate.

    Freshdesk features and benefits

    Freshdesk is the most simple solution for creating customer solutions that will make your business stand out from the rest of the pack.

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    Freshdesk frequently asked questions

    • With Freshdesk's AI-powered ticketing system, they ensure that every issue becomes a ticket so every customer has a conversation that ends with a great solution in a timely manner.

    • Because of their Freddy AI, Freshdesk provides the best help desk available to any online customer base. Built to learn your business and customer needs, coupling adaptive AI with collaborative team knowledge, Freshdesk is the premier ticket service available.

    • A type of software specializing in collecting, storing, and accessing information. Freshdesk uses this to create a unique and ever-evolving system that can be tapped into by your team and utilized by their always-learning AI.

    • A set of information used to solve common problems, Freshdesk allows you to easily tap into this information to create automatically generated responses and canned answers for customers.

    • Self-service portals help your customers find answers to questions without speaking to a customer service representative. The collective knowledge of your team helps your customers get the answers they need, without waiting for an agent.

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    PERKSONA is perfect for modern business owners

    Are you a modern business owner

    Modern businesses are the backbone of the modern economy. Looking to draw in subscribers for your newest e-magazine or Youtube channel? Ready to show customers your skills as a drone photographer or esports pro? Can't wait to tell the world why your craft brewery or vape shop is their new favorite spot? PERKSONA makes it easy to grow your business with ease with a tailored toolbox designed to fit your business needs.

    • Craft beer brewer
    • Digital marketing specialist
    • Drone videographer
    • E-magazine publisher
    • Esports pro gamer
    • Food delivery driver
    • Mobile app developer
    • Podcaster
    • Rideshare driver
    • Short-term rental host
    • Social media influencer
    • Stock photographer
    • Subscription service provider
    • Vape shop owner
    • YouTube creator
    • ...and many more
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