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    You do the coaching, Factoreal handles the scouting

    Using omnichannel marketing and refined search methods finds the right clientele for you
    • Intuitive customer engagement
    • Rich audience profiles & segments
    • Successful marketing ROI

    Get up to an 200% increase in customer engagement with Factoreal

    Factoreal is here to turn every business owner into a professional e-commerce marketer. Using pre-built journey workflows and automated end-to-end customer experiences, you'll start converting every visitor into a sale!

    Factorial supplies you with smart insights and cutting-edge analytics that will drive business success. While most businesses see a return on investment of $1 dollar for every $5 dollar spent, Factoreal pushes for better margins with e-mail and social media marketing.

    • Email marketing automation
    • Social media management
    • Social ads campaigns
    • Automated SMS marketing
    • Segmentation & audience builder
    • Customer journey pre-builds
    • Landing page builder
    • Omnichannel campaign management

    What does Factoreal have to offer for the trainer/instructor?

    Identify high-value potential customers by using event and activity triggers. Email activity and mobile app usage help you create custom journeys for each interested party and Factoreal tells you which segments and journeys are performing best.​

    Factoreal features and benefits

    Whether you're an experienced pro or a budding marketer looking to build automation capabilities, you'll always benefit from less spending and better ROI. Factoreal is the omnichannel marketing automation that simplifies your marketing stack. All your nee

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    Factoreal frequently asked questions

    • Marketing is the act of promoting and selling your products, using research and advertising. Factoreal nails all of these assets right on the head to give you the most all-encompassing marketing tool available.

    • Being able to reach all of your customers, wherever they may be, is the omnichannel experience you want. Luckily, Factoreal provides support on all fronts. From email to social media, texting to ads, Factoreal can reach your audience.

    • These platforms are built to help you navigate complex customer relations. Factoreal is one that helps you do this with ease.

    • You want something easy, simple, and with a big ROI. Factoreal's awesome features are developed keeping in mind the challenges every marketer faces on a day-to-day basis and helping you achieve your mission.

    • Some platforms charge outrageous prices that barely cost less than a full blown marketing agency. Factoreal has a scalable model that fits your business needs and growth!

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    PERKSONA is perfect for trainers/instructors

    Are you a trainer/instructor

    You don't need a coach to tell you that Factoreal is the right choice for your business. With easy-to-use campaign building and customer-focused search and retention tools, it's the tool your business deserves.

    • Acting coach
    • Aerobics instructor
    • Art teacher
    • Ballroom dance instructor
    • Cooking class instructor
    • Foreign language tutor
    • Martial arts instructor
    • Music teacher
    • Online personal trainer
    • Private tutor
    • Special needs coach
    • Sports & athletic trainer
    • Strength & conditioning coach
    • Summer camp counselor
    • Yoga & Pilates instructor
    • ...and many more
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