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    Lead gen tools to maximize your LinkedIn connections

    Cleverly uses the power of LinkedIn to drive leads, generate business and close sales.
    • Pricing from $297/mo.
    • Up to 1000 prospects/mo.
    • #1 LinkedIn lead gen agency

    Meet Cleverly: the top LinkedIn lead generation agency and tool available.

    Cleverly leverages the power of LinkedIn to provide your business with high quality leads, real customer contacts, and most of all... opportunity. When Cleverly engages with your leads, you have the opportunity to close deals with exactly the type of client you need to be successful.

    As the leading LinkedIn marketing experts, Cleverly knows which client communication strategies deliver the highest return, and will provide your teams with a steady stream of prospects delivered directly into your sales funnel. Cleverly will get the ball rolling, while your internal experts do what they best and close the deal.

    From a starting point within LinkedIn, Cleverly builds targeted and qualified lists of prospects, then creates targeted and professional outreach messages designed to elicit a response. Custom messages are delivered every month, and replies and returned directly to the members of your team who can best action them into sales.

    • Prospect list building
    • Professional copywritten messaging
    • Automated - but custom - outreach
    • 100% data-driven strategies
    • Intelligent response-handling dashboard
    • Real-time campaign metrics reporting
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Scheduled performance calls

    What does Cleverly have to offer for the freelancer?

    How can Cleverly help freelancers generate more leads, and nurture those potential clients into paying customers?

    Cleverly features and benefits

    Cleverly uses data from thousands of previously-successful B2B outreach campaigns to tailor a suite of targeted messages to your dream clients on LinkedIn. The result is personal communications from potential customers, right in your inbox.

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    Cleverly frequently asked questions

    • Cleverly is a lead generation agency and tool that leverages LinkedIn to deliver highly quality leads by scaling up your outreach. Cleverly delivers thousands of professional, compelling messages to your dream prospects.

    • Yes. Certain service packages require a three-month commitment, as social selling is a process that takes time to perfect. Some results can come right away, but developing relationships carefully and methodically is the best way to deliver successful

    • Yes, Cleverly uses your existing LinkedIn accounts, as it's important to be authentic when interacting with potential clients. But Cleverly leans on their experience and best practices to avoid any activities that are discouraged by LinkedIn itself.

    • Yes - a dedicated account manager will conduct a kick-off call to get started, then schedule one-on-one strategy sessions throughout the relationship. Their expert advice is well-earned and available whenever you need it.

    • Yes, the LinkedIn account that will be using Cleverly needs to be subscribed to the Sales Navigator service.

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