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    Booking client meetings or scheduling appointments for your services is made easy with Calendly. This feature-packed site books time within your availability, reschedules, and cancels appointments and meetings with a few clicks! You can set up reminders for your clients and customers with automated features. Payments are a breeze, too, with Stripe and Paypal integrated right into the scheduled appointment, eliminating invoicing and billing hassles.

    Have a team to organize? Calendly can help keep staff meetings, web calls, and meet-ups on time and accessible to everyone, and that's because there's an app for that! Yes-Calendly has a mobile app so you can manage your time on the go. Add Zoom, Salesforce, Slack, and more to your Calendly, customizing how you want your meetings set up. And after a 14-day trial, Calendly's basic plan for individuals is free forever, or use the advanced features included with a low monthly fee for teams.

    • Automated alerts & reminders
    • Workflow optimization
    • Custom plans for larger organizations
    • Integrate apps & calendars
    • Receive payments
    • At-a-glance resources
    • Sell & recruit
    • Embeddable links

    What does Calendly have to offer for the personal care provider?

    With easy billing and calendar sharing, Calendly gives you options from basic to custom for the care you provide. There's no chance of overbooking, double booking, or missed appointments. With notifications, reminders, and four plans to choose from, you can customize features to keep your patients on track.

    Calendly features and benefits

    With over 10 million users worldwide, Calendly schedules your appointments and meetings with minimal effort. Set up your account the way you want it and leave the rest to the automated booking system.

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    Calendly frequently asked questions

    • Scheduling is easy with Calendly. You can book directly on Calendly via your free account, accept an invitation from a provider, or click an embedded link. Once you're in Calendly, search the provider within the app or click on the available times and dates they have on their page. It's that easy! You'll receive email confirmations and reminders, too.

    • Calendly is the #1 scheduling tool worldwide. With the integration of popular online calendars like Google, Microsoft, and other online apps, this free service is taking remote working and small businesses by storm.

    • For larger teams, you can't go wrong with Calendly. Schedule employee meetings and interact with your team wherever they are. With a customizable set of features, you can set up accounts, templates, and events to manage users within the team and assign different levels of permissions too!

    • Google calendar is ranked as the best free online calendar. What's even better is that you can sync your Google calendar, or other online calendars, to Calendly easily.

    • Whether you use Google, Microsoft, or another app, most online calendars have a share option. With Google, open "Other calendars," click the "add calendars" option, and then create a new calendar. You can then share with people and sync all your calendars to Calendly. Use the "Check for conflicts" feature to make sure dates don't overlap.

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    Are you a personal care provider

    Be there for your clients with an easy scheduling system. You can start with a free account and upgrade if needed, and Calendly has all the tools you need for scheduling meetings, appointments, and more. Be the best with the #1 scheduling system worldwide!

    • Barber
    • Beautician
    • Cosmetologist
    • Dermatologist
    • Dog walker
    • Hairdresser
    • House sitter
    • Makeup artist
    • Massage therapist
    • Nail technician
    • Nanny/babysitter
    • Personal care aide
    • Personal shopper/wardrobe stylist
    • Pet groomer
    • Tattoo artist
    • ...and many more
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