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    Monthly HR managers for busy restauranteurs

    The kitchen can be a volatile work environment, so make sure you and your employees are protected at work with HR management services from Bambee.
    • Pricing from as low as $99/mo.
    • Active in all 50 states
    • Servicing 20+ industries

    Meet Bambee - your company's very own HR management solution.

    If you're considering your company's HR policies and guidelines compliance, chances are you want to do things properly. But an HR department might not be in the budget for smaller businesses, and even hiring an outside firm can be prohibitively expensive.

    Bambee makes it easy to speak to a professional who will help craft your company's HR policy from scratch, edit your existing policy, or just consult with you to make sure your on the right track.

    For as little as $99/mon, you'll have access to a dedicated HR manager, a comprehensive HR audit, a library of HR policies, guidance, training, development and a lot more. Human Resources is absolutely one of the most important aspects to operating a business, and Bambee will help you get it right.

    • A dedicated HR manager
    • Comprehensive HR audit
    • HR compliance policies
    • Employee onboarding/terminations
    • Expert HR guidance
    • Staff training and development
    • Employee coaching
    • Fully-certified advisors

    What does Bambee have to offer for the restauranteur?

    How can Bambee help restaurant owners and food industry pros maintain the expected levels of HR compliance?

    Bambee features and benefits

    Bambee's HR managers provide the power of a dedicated department, without the overhead of staffing expenses. It's the benefit of HR expertise without the costs of hiring an entire team.

    Try Bambee for the restauranteur

    Keep your employees as satisfied as your diners with an HR manager from Bambee.
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    Bambee frequently asked questions

    • Yes. Bambee will assign a dedicated HR manager who will work with to learn about your business and help to develop a custom set of internal HR policies. The most pressing issues are addressed first, but then take measures to protect against potential

    • Yes. Parting ways with employees is never fun, and it's rarely easy. Bambee can help you navigate high-risk termination situations, and coach you through the entire process. Letting an HRM handle it can remove emotion and avoid potentially serious con

    • The costs of not having HR representation can be disastrous. Hiring a full-time HR team can cost upwards of $7000 a month. Even hiring outside consultants can reach over $5000 monthly. Bambee starts at just $99/month.

    • No problem. Bambee's HR managers are expert in navigating tricky employment situations, including all types of worker's compensation issues. You'll be free to focus on other areas of your business when you leave HR compliance and ongoing maintenance u

    • No. Monthly terms are available for small businesses up to 99 employees, as well as for larger ones up to 500. Annual terms are available, and will save up to 20% on the cost.

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    Types of small business owners who fit this persona:

    • Bakery/cakeshop owner
    • Caterer
    • Chocolatier
    • Coffee roaster
    • Diner restauranteur
    • Farmer's market vendor
    • Fast food franchise owner
    • Food court establishment owner
    • Food truck owner
    • Meal delivery service provider
    • Microbrewery pub owner
    • Organic food grocer
    • Personal chef
    • Smoothie & juice bar owner
    • Specialty food maker
    • ...and many more
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