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    Promote your artistic vision with a stunning video

    Flex your creative muscles and use Animaker's creation suite for attention-grabbing promo videos and animation.
    • Free or paid plans
    • Drag and drop interface
    • Award winning platform

    Meet Animaker: the world's most complete video-making tool.

    Animaker began life in 2014 as a design start-up, providing custom video content to Fortune 500 clients. But with the growth of the industry came more competition, and the team realized they could create the tools to help even more businesses help themselves.

    So the Animaker team developed an application to put powerful design tools in the hands of the many creative people working within organizations today. And with constant improvements, the Animaker suite of products are now some of the most affordable and powerful tools available.

    Whether you're looking to create marketing animations for your company, or explanatory visuals for a lecture or classroom setting, Animaker makes it easy. You'll drag and drop your way to impressive animations and live-action videos in no time.

    • 1000+ templates
    • 4K video clips
    • Instant resizing
    • GIF exports
    • 100+ social channel export options
    • Massive file upload size
    • Voice recording
    • Asset importing

    What does Animaker have to offer for the artisan?

    How can Animaker help artisans, artists and designers? What does Animaker bring to the table that makes it easier for Artisans and their businesses to thrive?

    Animaker features and benefits

    Animaker's wide range of abilities make it an excellent choice for businesses who want to take control of their creative process and their budget. From the free product, to the robust subscription plan options, Animaker has the right tool for anyone.

    Try Animaker for the artisan

    You put care and passion into your creations, use Animaker to create your videos and animations.
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    Animaker frequently asked questions

    • Animaker is a cloud-based video editing software suite of products that allows for on-the-fly video and animation creation without the need for large application downloads. It uses flash, ensuing smooth performance in all browsers.

    • If you're a seasoned video editor with access to a professional video studio, you probably don't need Animaker. But if you're a content marketing with a firm, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a DIY enthusiast, or just anyone who needs to make videos.

    • What kind of videos do you need? Animaker can help you make impressive slideshows, product demos, corporate intros, Facebook or Instagram clips, book trailers, birthday greetings, commercial promos and just about anything else you can think of.

    • Sure! Have you tried explaining complicated concepts to kids over a zoom call? Teachers can use Animaker to deliver interesting educational content. Want to tell potential employees what your company culture is like? Say it with video.

    • You'd better believe it! Create gifs and short videos with in all your favourite meme formats, add text, and export them for use on Facebook, Instagram or wherever else you prefer.

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    Types of small business owners who fit this persona:

    • Artistic floral arranger
    • Candle maker
    • Craft weaver
    • Decorative engraver
    • Enameler
    • Fabric artist
    • Glass blower
    • Hand bookbinder
    • Hand jewelry artisan
    • Leather worker
    • Metal arts worker
    • Quilter
    • Screen printing artisan
    • Stained glass artist
    • Woodcarver
    • ...and many more
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