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    Meet Adzooma - the platform design to simplify your ad management.

    Adzooma is your award-winning ad management solution that can help you organize and optimize your online advertising efforts. If you've been struggling with organization, trying to juggle advertising oversight through multiple ad management platforms, Adzooma is the one-stop solution that will make your life easier.

    Since starting as a small agency with a dozen employees, Adzooma developed their application to first work closely as a partner with Google, and have since expanded the platform to deliver outstanding results for clients working with Google, Facebook and Microsoft too.

    Adzooma is free to try, and backs their easy to use PPC management software with outstanding automation, free performance and reporting tools, as well as industry-leading client support. Adzooma is a product that's built for digital marketers, by digital marketers. Try their time-saving and profit-boosting software features now, for free.

    • Automated, 24/7 data analysis
    • Rule-based task automation
    • Customized and flexible rule templates
    • Single-login, multiple account management
    • Custom report builder
    • Detailed SEO reports
    • Intuitive, single-click UX
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    What does Adzooma have to offer for the retailer?

    How can Adzooma help retailers boost the performance of their online advertising campaigns?

    Adzooma features and benefits

    Adzooma frees up more time and energy for you to put into your business. It helps prevent waste, allowing you and your team to focus on efforts that drive revenue and client satisfaction.

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    Showcase your products in style, while Adzooma takes care of your online marketing management.
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    Adzooma frequently asked questions

    • There are three main reasons to use a management solution when working with Google Ads: 1) you'll save time, 2) you'll optimize your improvements and 3) you'll reduce wasted spend.

    • Getting help with the management of your online ad spend is a great idea, especially if you're just starting out. Depending on the budget, an agency can help make big strides quickly.

    • Automation is an always-on watchdog that keeps an eye on your campaigns, and takes action based on rules you've previously set. Events like low CTR rates, click count or ad spend can all trigger actions like budget adjustment, campaign pausing etc.

    • Absolutely. Adzooma helps eliminate platform-hopping, and keeps all of you digital marketing ad management in one simple spot. With a single login and dashboard, you can make big changes, track campaign performance, build campaigns, and more.

    • Adzooma's reports are robust, clear, and insightful, offering a wealth of information when you need it. Featuring a variety of pre-built templates and the ability to build custom reports, Adzooma knows that knowledge is power, and makes it easy to stay informed with the sort of data you need to make changes in the right direction.

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