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    The complete playbook to running your business

    Create and organize all of your companies onboarding content and give your founding story and values a home. It's hard to keep up with who's who and what's what in a growing company but Trainual is here to streamline the process. Invite and manage your team, visualize them in a directory, then capture roles and responsibilities and assign training to individual employees.

    Document step-by-step training with videos and PDFS and use easy-to-build tests to keep your team accountable. Track progress of your team with crystal clear reporting and ensure everyone is up to date. Trainual is the best and easiest way to systemize, train, and scale your business.

    • Instantly accessible company handbook
    • Frictionless onboarding
    • Easy-to-build tests
    • Seamless integration
    • Simple embed features
    • Intuitive process documentation
    • ROI calculator
    • Scalable pricing

    Trainual features and benefits

    Trainual documents every process and policy for every role and responsibility in your business. Onboard, train, and scale faster. With over 150 templates, quick embed features, and an easily accessible directory, Trainual makes business ops a breeze.

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    Trainual frequently asked questions

    • The days of creating, crafting, and producing manuals are behind you. Using Trainuals library of SOPS and templates lets you quickly build a training manual for simple onboarding.

    • Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, are the lifeblood of your business. Using Trainual makes this knowledge easy to impart to your new employees!

    • SOP documents contain step-by-step instructions to guide employees in how your business runs. Trainual gives you SOP templates for quick-and-easy training.

    • Technically, no. But it makes your business run much smoother and with way more efficiency. Trainual has proven positive effects on labor saved and business productivity.

    • LMS is a "learning management system." Trainual provides you with the most impactful and comprehensive version of an LMS available.

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