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    • Fully-integrated POS system
    • In-depth reports & analytics
    • Staff management software

    The restaurant management system that makes your job a piece of cake

    Whether you're running a full service restaurant or a food truck, TouchBistro provides you and your business with point-of-sale (POS) software that streamlines your operations and supercharges profit margins. With a list of features that start before you even open your business and extend through ordering and payment, you have a full grasp and control over every touchstone of your business and customer journey.

    TouchBistro lets you expand your core POS and becomes your true all-in-one business solution. Seamlessly integrate all of your restaurant technology together to provide you and your guests with an unmatched experience for all parties involved. Create easy takeout options, build loyalty programs, and more. TouchBistro is untouchable.

    • Customizable floor plan builder
    • Speedy tableside ordering
    • Virtually-accessible menu creator
    • Detailed inventory management
    • Simple bill splitting
    • VIP style reservation system
    • Labour-saving TouchBistro kiosk
    • Intuitive kitchen display system

    TouchBistro features and benefits

    A powerful POS for restaurant management system, TouchBistro is built just for restaurants. TouchBistro POS comes loaded with all the features you need to streamline operations, increase sales, and delight guests.

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    TouchBistro frequently asked questions

    • Ideally, it's a point-of-sale (POS) software designed for restaurants that makes your job easier while boosting your bottom dollar. TouchBistro unloads your stress while directly impacting your revenue and customer service!

    • Any and every sale that is rung up by your register! TouchBistro integrates all of your sales, online and in person, into a streamlined, easy-to-use POS that makes your employees and guests happier.

    • Integrating multiple facets of your business into your POS can be messy. Ringing people up in the same place where you're reserving tables can be complicated. Not with TouchBistro. Run your business from an optimized POS.

    • You want a system that allows you to update your menu on the fly. One where you can order food, reserve a table, and get loyalty points all in one, simple location. A POS that fluidly transcends from diner to food truck to brewery. That's TouchBistro.

    • They can be pricey and oftentimes will cost you and your guests more, with a percentage of your hard earned money going to the software providers. Not with TouchBistro! Starting as low as $69/month with tons of premium add-ons, you keep every cent of your profit.

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