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real estate agent

For real estate agents

Human resources

For a new or growing real estate business focused on sales and client relationship management, it can be easy to overlook your most important resource. Employees need careful consideration, and the PERKSONA Marketplace is filled with service providers who can help get your human resources requirements up to speed. From employee onboarding and termination support to policy review and drafting, the small business HR specialist found in our marketplace have the expertise, the experience, and the tools to get you compliant and stay that way.
Merchant (A-Z)


  • Bambee


    Bambee delivers an HR management experience that fits your business. Always available, but without the overhead of a dedicated department.
  • Breezy


    Looking for team members who think outside of the box? Breezy's recruiting software helps you reach that goal.
  • busybusy


    Your type of business has been around forever, but methods and materials have changed. So, too, have the tools used to manage employees. Busybusy is one of the new ones.


  • Time Doctor

    Time Doctor

    Ready to stop wasting your time and start managing it? Time Doctor has the remedy!
  • Trainual


    Trainual is the all-in-one comprehensive tool you need to onboard and train your team