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I am a

health practitioner

For health practitioners

Human resources

For new and growing health care practitioners, HR compliance is an absolute necessity. It's your expertise and experience that nurtures client relationships, but it's just as important to support your employees completely. The PERKSONA Marketplace offers free access to a variety of service providers who can help with your human resources requirements. From quick consults to dedicated HR managers, you'll find whatever level of service your business needs to be successful.
Merchant (A-Z)


  • Bambee


    Bambee delivers an HR management experience that fits your business. Always available, but without the overhead of a dedicated department.
  • BookJane


    BookJane provides an unprecedented shift fulfillment process that will change the game
  • Breezy


    Looking for team members who think outside of the box? Breezy's recruiting software helps you reach that goal.
  • Buddy Punch

    Buddy Punch

    Regardless of how small your business is, you can keep your employees and staff on track with Buddy Punch.


  • Calendly


    Easily schedule meetings, interviews, and client appointments in one place.


  • Time Doctor

    Time Doctor

    Ready to stop wasting your time and start managing it? Time Doctor has the remedy!