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    Take the edge over competitors with unparalleled data collection

    Bright Data gives you the information you need for rapid business growth
    • #1 web data platform
    • Ready-made datasets
    • Web data extraction

    Leverage data to maintain your advantages over competition with Bright Data

    Data collection is one of the most overlooked and underrated ways to help put your business on the road to success. Collecting data from websites for pricing intelligence, legal knowledge, or people data gathered from social media clues you into the most effective way to determine what you need for your operations. Bright Data puts all of this information together, timely and with top-notch accuracy.

    Searching over 72 million IPs for data, Bright Data is the leading data collector in the world and used by multiple Forbes 500 businesses. Easily automate the search and integrate any existing third party software you're already using to make the transition into using Bright Data as seamless as possible.

    • Web unlocker
    • Search engine collector
    • Proxy manager
    • SEO monitoring
    • Website testing & functionality
    • Travel aggregation
    • Stock market data & research
    • 24/7 support

    What does Bright Data have to offer for the modern business owner?

    Are you interested to see what businesses are specifically searching for drone videography so you can curate your craft? Maybe you want to know the demographic of people subscribing to your dropbox service so you either expand or custom make marketing for them? Bright Data has the info you need.

    Bright Data features and benefits

    Bright Data searches a limitless amount of data to ensure you that you're getting the edge your business deserves. Help your business evolve with information that helps you change and grow with your customers.

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    Bright Data frequently asked questions

    • Residential proxies are specific locations you select and surf the web as a real-user in that area. Bright Data gives you more reach than any other data collection service can.

    • Backconnect proxies enable you to conquer blocks and Bright Data offers a Backconnect Proxy with the largest IP pool in the world! Control how your Backconnect Proxy pool acts with zero-coding required.

    • When using a proxy this means the credentials you provided are inaccurate or your request is missing authorization details. Overcome these obstacles easily with Bright Data!

    • Blocking a user-agent prevents data collection from gaining accurate data from websites and search engines you may be browsing. Bright Data Programs user-agents to avoid any such blocks.

    • A web scraper is a specialized tool designed to accurately and quickly extract data from a web page. No one provides a quicker or more accurate website scraper than Bright Data!

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