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    Take your shift software beyond just scheduling

    BookJane provides an unprecedented shift fulfillment process that will change the game
    • Automated shift callout
    • Simple scheduling
    • Team empowering app

    Healthcare's leading scheduling tool helps you easily manage your workforce

    No more worrying about the clutter of time sheets and notebooks. Say goodbye to playing telephone tag. BookJane provides you with an all-in-one platform to overcome scheduling hurdles. Ensuring that all shifts are covered and that overtime is minimized with an unparalleled shift coverage tool.

    Focus on your patients by erasing schedule-induced stress. BookJane automatically reaches out to available staff when call-outs occur, it gives your team the choice and flexibility that they need, and quickly assigns and publishes schedules based on availability and needs.

    • Seamless integration
    • Instant communication
    • 20,000+ person network
    • Shift activity view
    • Conflict-free scheduling
    • Reusable templates
    • Real-time notifications
    • Specified match criteria

    What does BookJane have to offer for the modern business owner?

    Solve any labor shortage concerns you're having with BookJanes intuitive workforce scheduling system. Working with a massive database of pre-vetted healthcare professionals, BookJane helps you and your employees have a better work life.

    BookJane features and benefits

    Cut down on bloated admin time and the stressful bustle of frantically searching for shift coverage with BookJane. An all-in-one platform to easily post needs, let healthcare professionals pick up shifts, and give your time back to patients.

    Try BookJane for the modern business owner

    Ready to streamline your scheduling system and erase the stress that comes from callouts? Request a demo from BookJane now!
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    BookJane frequently asked questions

    • Keeping staff engaged, especially in stressful professions, is difficult. Luckily BookJane's choice and flexibility creates engagement, retention, and better bonds between staff and leadership!

    • Lots of different aspects go into who can cover what shift. Language barriers, fields, availability, and unions. BookJane takes all of those (and more!) into consideration.

    • Self-scheduling allows nurses to work the hours that best meet their personal needs and gives them more control of their lives outside the workplace. BookJane is unmatched at providing self scheduling for nurses and other healthcare pros.

    • Don't worry about the stress or headache of not only finding shifts but keeping within restrictions and guidelines. BookJane keeps you in the loop so you minimize overtime and maximize happiness.

    • Not always but BookJane goes above and beyond when it comes to guaranteeing their healthcare professionals are all accredited. Pre-vetted and ready-to-go, BookJane is the safest shift software in healthcare.

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