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    You're already a small business owner, you shouldn't have to be an accountant as well. That's where Bench comes in.

    Bench is the online bookkeeping and accounting service that provides you financial support every day of the year. Whether it's prepping for tax season or staying on top of your monthly reports, Bench offers expert advice and service for every facet of your fiscal needs. Your dedicated bookkeeper and Bench's team of experts guarantee that you're not alone when it comes to keeping your books balanced and understanding whether you need to file a 1099 or a 1096.

    Monthly reports, up-to-date details, and an easy-to-use app let you manage your business more efficiently and help you make more money. Skip the headache of learning DIY software, Bench's intuitive app lets you read, share, and dive into real-time financial statements - getting the financial insights that help you make smarter money decisions.

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    Nothing is more valuable than time and Bench is here to give that back to you. With all-in-one bookkeeping, banking, tax, and advisory support, Bench is the one-stop shop that you've been dreaming of.

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    • The answer is easy: Bench. Expressly made with the small business owner as the priority, every feature and detail is custom made with their needs in mind.

    • For decades, accounting and bookkeeping has been handled by costly CPAs. Bench is making the entire process easier and more accessible. With their online team of tax advisors and expert on-hand staff, you're only ever a click away from your accountant.

    • Tax laws and regulations are dependent upon your state or province. Bench's accountants are trained to help you stay compliant, wherever you operate!

    • Bench's trained accountants are knowledgeable in all facets of business law. Sign up for a free one-month trial and your dedicated accountant will get you well-positioned for tax season.

    • Tax laws and regulations are dependent upon your state or province. Try the free one-month trial to speak to one of Bench's accountants today!

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