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    Confused about HTML? Get to point A with BEE and easy email building.

    Need an email campaign and landing page builder that doesn't require coding skills? That's where Bee comes in. If you're wondering, BEE stands for "Best Email Editor," and with their easy drag-and-drop placement, free platform, and upgradeable options, it's easy to see why they can stand by their claim. Whether you're starting a new business or just need something simple to send out to your clients, try BEE email builder and see for yourself.

    There's no signup required, so you can use BEE free forever. If you need more features, try one of their three paid options for a low monthly fee, or use their custom design services to have a Bee professional help with your industry-specific email template.

    • Choose from 4 plans
    • Free trial available
    • Store campaigns in one place
    • Connect & push to other platforms
    • Mobile-responsive templates and emails
    • Export anywhere
    • Blog hub updated weekly
    • Custom design services available

    What does BEE have to offer for the modern business owner?

    Create engaging emails for your clients for free! There are 600 email templates to choose from and drag-and-drop options. All you need are your content and images, and your email is ready to send with a few clicks.

    BEE features and benefits

    If you think you need a team to build your business emails, think again. With BEE, you can create, edit, and push your emails in one place and export them to your Mailchimp or other platforms. And coding is out of the equation with the easy features and p

    Try BEE for the modern business owner

    Head to BEE and start a free trial or build a free email on your first visit. You'll see how easy it is to get started.
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    BEE frequently asked questions

    • Ready to start an email campaign? Using an email template will get you there. A template is an HTML file, a base for you to input information in a pre-designed format. BEE provides templates that you can use without having to design your own. Just drag and drop your photos, add your text, and press send.

    • With BEE, creating a template has never been easier. Go to the email template tab, select from the pre-designed templates that code your information for you, or use the blank template for your own ideas.

    • Engage your reader with emails that leave them interested to learn more. A teaser leaves the client or customer in suspense to encourage them to subscribe, click through to your website, or anticipate a future event.

    • In general, an email header should be anywhere from 150 to 300 pixels. Remember that your email should be mobile-friendly, so anything larger may impact how your email appears on a smaller screen.

    • Getting that click to open an email relies on a few factors. Defining your goals and what you want to accomplish with your email campaign is the first step. The time an email is sent, an enticing subject line, device optimization, and testing and targeting your audience will also determine whether your campaign email will be opened and digested by your audience. Check out BEE's case studies for real campaign results.

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    PERKSONA is perfect for modern business owners

    Are you a modern business owner

    Get your modern marketing on! BEE is easy, fast and provides you with options from free to $15 a month to their custom design services. Promoting your business has never been more accessible.

    • Craft beer brewer
    • Digital marketing specialist
    • Drone videographer
    • E-magazine publisher
    • Esports pro gamer
    • Food delivery driver
    • Mobile app developer
    • Podcaster
    • Rideshare driver
    • Short-term rental host
    • Social media influencer
    • Stock photographer
    • Subscription service provider
    • Vape shop owner
    • YouTube creator
    • ...and many more
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